How 3D Cap Embroidery is Achieved


Puff 3D cap embroidery uses a foam base to achieve a three dimensional effect. The foam comes in black & white with two widths 2mm and 3mm to accommodate various products. Raised 3D cap embroidery requires the thread or stitch count to tripple, so that the foam will not be exposed through the thread.

3D cap embroidery works best with block or large round shaped letters. Artwork for puff embroidery should have slightly rounded corners so that the needle perforates the corners of the design and covers the foam completely making your design come alive.

Good spacing between letters or shapes is also required with puff as the foam causes the shapes to expand which in turn closes spacing ie: letters will touch if spacing is not correct.

Avoid embroidering over puff as it will flatten the puff beneath it.
Graphics lines should be between 3mm and 10mm in thickness. Lines under 3mm can still be embroidered with puff but the puff will not be as high or wide as the 10mm. The thinner the line, the less puff effect.
Puff 3D does not work successfully with complex detailed designs or lines under 2.5mm or over 12mm.

Will my design work for Custom 3D Cap Embroidery?

So you want your design to be 3D, raised off the cap and look the business, but will your design work?
As shown on the left, make sure your graphic lines are between 3mm and 10mm for a good result. Design By Creative will always advise you on your logo if it will work or not, because we want you to be amazed with passion we put into our work.
We will need to see your design for a accurate quote and to make sure it will work, or any adjustments that could be made to make it work.

Minimum Order Quantity

We get asked this question a lot; what is the minimum amount of caps that can be ordered with my custom design 3D embroidered on caps?

The answer is 1, BUT and this is a big ‘BUT’. The cost of the 1 Custom Cap is expensive as the cap takes on the entire setup cost of the specialised 3D digitising, the setup of 1 embroidery machine to run a single cap with all the tests to make sure it’s as perfect it can be and this all takes time which adds up.

Cost of Raised 3D Cap Embroidery

Costing all depends on seeing your logo.
We have to work out stitch counts, quantity of caps required, style of caps and to make sure your going to have a good 3D embroidered result.

Please when contacting us, provide this information for a quicker quote.

Design By Creative 3D Embroidery Puff Snapbacks Hats
Design By Creative 3D Embroidery Puff Snapbacks

3D Cap Embroidery Quote Form

Please note: If you are only looking for sample caps (1-2 caps), the cost will be from ±£70 approximately due to set up costs. Now that you’ve almost had a mini heart attack the price for 20 Caps is more cost effective. Repeat orders Will Not Incur set up costs again on the same design. Production Turn around time is ±7 Working Days. We aim to work within this time frame, order size dependent. If you have any problems uploading / contacting via this form, email us! Thank you.
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

File Upload

If you can send us your design so we can work out what needs to be done. We only require a jpg or png file for quoting. We will request a Hi-Res file or Vector File for production.
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